Single Logon


The Single Logon software is designed to allow users to maintain a single user identity from which they can automatically logon to supported systems. The software can be used on any Windows PC to logon to many systems however Single Logon is most widely used in the UK healthcare environment.

The software is available as a stand-alone program which may also support patient context for certain systems. This allows details of the current patient in the user's clinical system to be passed automatically to the system being logged on to, e.g. to find a patient's test results. This allows easy adaption for use in other environments, for example hospitals.


Due to the modular nature of the Single Logon system other systems can be added to the Single Logon software, usually by modification of settings which avoids any need for a new version of the software.

The systems available to a user are chosen by the organisation and can be customised as required.

Systems Currently Supported

If you would be interested to know if a specific system not listed above could be supported by Single Logon please contact us for more information.