Auto Lock Screen


You want a PIN or password for your device to help keep it safe in case you ever lose it or to stop someone interfering with your device when you're not looking. However, typing in your password every time the phone is locked is a pain.

Also, certain car Bluetooth kits will not allow you to make outgoing calls if your phone has a password or PIN lock active. Hence you have to unlock your phone before you can make an outgoing call, defeating the point of a hands free kit as well as being potentially dangerous or illegal.

This application is designed to help solve these issues. It will control the PIN or password used to access your device when locked, automatically disabling this when you are connected to WiFi networks or Bluetooth devices you specify.

Your device will remain unlocked while connected, allowing you to use it easily by simply picking it up and prevent the repetitive entering of your PIN/password when you are in a "safe" area.

As soon as your device disconnects, it will automatically activate the PIN/Password to help prevent unauthorised access.

The app can be enabled or disabled at any time. If the app is disabled or the device is shut down, the lock screen password will be set so your device is kept secure.

This app has no restrictions on the number of WiFi or Bluetooth connections you can select.